Psychotherapist in Mendocino, CA

Rebecca Picard, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #112212, is located in Mendocino, CA and provides psychotherapy services to her clients. She works with individuals and couples who desire freedom from patterns that interfere with their ability to lead full, healthy lives and who want to engage in enriching relationships that provide a satisfying sense of connection. Give Rebecca Picard, LMFT a call today to set up your appointment.

Why psychotherapy with Rebecca?

Whether you are struggling with debilitating overwhelm, anxiety, depression, the effects of developmental trauma or relationship upsets or loss; or if you simply want to feel better about yourself, your relationships, and your life, working with Rebecca is an investment in a healthier life. Rebecca’s deep caring, integrity, perceptiveness and multi-level approach incorporating awareness of body, mind and soul sets her apart from therapeutic approaches based on ordinary conversation.

Contact Rebecca today to set up a free consult! Available Tuesdays through Thursdays and other days by appointment.