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Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.
-Rumi, as translated by Coleman Barks

Why Therapy?

We all develop strategies for dealing with life’s challenges. Despite our best efforts, sometimes it all seems too painful, overwhelming, anxiety-producing or confusing to simply soldier on. Or we may recognize that as useful or creative as our strategies have been, we are paying for them with a sense of shame, secrecy or loss of aliveness.

If feelings such as anxiety, fear, sadness, depression, insecurity, disappointment, anger, confusion or overwhelm are interfering with your ability to enjoy life and nurture meaningful relationships, therapy can help. You may have had a caregiver who was unpredictable, angry or self-absorbed. You may have had to take care of others from too early an age. You may have been neglected or abused physically, emotionally, or sexually. You may have felt unwanted or like a misfit.

You may be going through a relationship rupture or break-up, wanting to experience more connection with a loved one, wanting to experience more self-confidence at work or wanting to make sense out of a confusing experience.

Regardless of what might bring you to consider therapy, having the support of a compassionate human being who is attuned to our moment-to-moment experience can be a powerful catalyst for making deep, lasting changes for the better. If you want to be more present, loving, connected and alive, a form of therapy that includes the mind, body and spirit may be the process you are looking for.

Possible Benefits of Therapy

Ultimately, the goal of therapy is not only relief from pain and suffering, but also increased vitality, meaning and aliveness. We all have the seed of a vibrant loving self, and it is our task to discover and liberate both the essence of that self and the deep conditioning that inhibits its full expression.

If you want to be able to SHIFT more quickly from REACTIVE, CONSTRICTING emotions and behaviors such as helplessness, overwhelm, disempowerment, anxiety, depression, shame, anger, fear, rage, feeling rejected, deep hurt or overwhelming emotional pain…

Feelings of Overwhelm

To having RESPONSIVE, GENERATIVE, EXPANSIVE emotions such as hope, confidence, acceptance, empowerment, trust in yourself, appreciation, gratitude, self-love, love of others, and even joy, call today for your free consult! 707-357-8688

Happy Teen

Possible Benefits of Therapy Include

  • Increased permission and ability to be aware of, feel and express emotions
  • Making sense out of previously confusing experiences
  • Receiving “corrective experiences” that allow you to feel loved, wanted and valued, perhaps for the first time
  • Reducing the need to “outrun” pain by embracing inner resources
  • Developing new inner and outer resources and sense of self to bring to whatever happens in life
  • Healing from developmental trauma
  • Becoming more responsive and less reactive
  • Spending more of your day feelings expansive, empowered and close to your “true self.”
  • Being able to balance vulnerability and power in your life